Practice runs on people while business runs on the system. What if we tell you that there is a way to dramatically grow your practice, serve more patients, and generate more income through effective systems, protocols, and procedures?

Are you tied IN your practice? Do you spend so much time keeping track of A/R, worrying about patient no shows and setting up patient schedules?  Do you want to focus more on things that matter most — your patients? Do you want to free up your staff from tasks that should be automated, so they can focus on patient-facing actions?


If you are looking for an easy and effective way to reduce the no-shows at your office you should try using practice management software. Vericle has a unique workflow model for never losing a patient again. Want to know more?

Accurate Prediction of Your Practice Revenue, Based on Charges

Every chiropractor wants to have an autonomous operation, get more money from insurance, minimize their A/R to less than 120 and of course, increase patient visits by 20%.


In 2019, after over 20 years, Affinity Billing has achieved some pretty amazing milestones:


  • Over 5.5 MILLION patient treatments documented

  • Less than 10% average no show rate (over 3 times better than the national average)

  • Average A/R > 120 of less than 5% (over 3.5 times better than the national average)

  • A 99% customer satisfaction rating with dozens of written and video testimonials


Here are some of our client testimonials:

Amanda, Office Manager

When Vericle suggested changes to our flow to improve efficiency, we fought it at first - 1 month into the change and our team spend 45% more time with patients instead of chasing info - our recall rate on no shows improved by 24%!

Ms. P., Executive Director

We run a huge practice with multiple locations. Vericle/MIapp quickly mobilized to get us custom work done for our clinicians. Like having a custom software but without the million-dollar price tag. Thank you Vericle!

Dr. C

We told them our billers were struggling and within 2 weeks they were in our office with billing experts getting our team back in action - the result? A/R > 120 CUT IN HALF.! Wow!!!

You’ve read how practice management software can help your practice, but did you know that it can also be beneficial to your patients? Here’s why:


Protects your patient from identity theft

  • Your patients’ personal information and billing details are protected through the cloud server, unlike manual records which are accessible in file cabinets.

More accurate information

  • You’ll be able to easily track down the history of your patient and get accurate information.

More accessible patient information

  • Your patient can request a copy of their records and you can send it to them electronically.

Lessens waiting time

  • Our system is supported by a kiosk where patients can enter and verify their personal information, taking away some tasks from your staff.

Better customer experience

  • Your patient can schedule their next visit to you in a more convenient and faster way.


Give yourself more time, more revenue and your customers the best experience in visiting your clinic!


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