Mission Statement

Our mission is to help you build your dream practice so you can save more lives and help more patients and gain peace of mind from cashflow predicatbility, patient feedback, workflow control, staff teamwork, and compliance.


The Affinity Billing Difference

The difference between Affinity Billing and thousands of other practice management software and billing service companies, is workflow consistency and scalability. They are accomplished through sharing of the same processes and technology platform across all our clients and the entire Affinity Billing staff. Through the shared platform, Affinity Billing team becomes a virtual and scalable extension of your practice. It boosts your staff's productivity and gives you powerful control over your practice workflow and office productivity.


All-in-one practice management system.

Affinity Billing offers a 100% Web-based practice management solution. It includes software for scheduling, documentation, and billing, an audit red flag warning system, care plan system, and optional systems for patient reminder calling, credit card processing, and expert billing staff/service. Standard in every option is access to a continuously expanding chiropractic billing and compliance knowledge base, shared by hundreds of chiropractors nationwide. Members of the growing Affinity Billing network use our highly automated and integrated system to increase control over staff productivity and to level the playing field with the payers.


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