Cloud-Based. Powered by Vericle.


From small acupuncture clinics to multi-specialty integrated centers with multiple locations - AcuSoft uniquely creates an intuitive experience for both staff and patients.


Customized by and for Acupuncturists, our notes are guided centrally by our team of experts, as well as with your feedback. Updates are released every 2-3 weeks!


Thanks to Vericle's interconnected platform, no steps in patient care are forgotten, especially those concerning owed balances. Never miss a dollar owed because of missed alerts and notifications.


Whether you have an in-office team or want to take advantage (in full or part) of our insurance division (currently managing over $600M/yr in insurance claims at ~98% collection rate), the Vericle platform with Acusoft's team creates a seamless insurance experience for patient and office with maximum compliant reimbursement.

Meet The Team

Dr. Gene Healy

Acupuncturist & Clinical Director

Dr. Yuval Lirov, PhD

Chairman & Co-Founder

Reuven Lirov, MA, CPC

CEO & Co-Founder

Erez Lirov, CTO

CTO & Co-Founder