Predictable Revenue & Savings During COVID-19

One of the most common messages we're hearing during this crisis is that practices love what our software could do for them, but that right now, they need to think about savings, not new expenses. We Hear You.

Per "IBIS World Report" "Medicare only just started offering limited coverage of acupuncture
treatment for lower back pain at the start of 2020 as the US government seeks to reduce prescriptions for
opioids and prevent addiction." - how is your practices preparing for the coming expansion of insurance into Acupuncture? Acusoft is uniquely suited to support Acupuncture clinics in the fight to get insurance claims paid at the highest possible rates and at the highest possible speed.

Our goal is to help practices who have not yet benefited from our Medical Billing Software and Service by providing them the tools, processes, and experts to leverage things like Telehealth and everything available to you in your area to maximize your ability to continue treating your patients and a consistent bottom line.


"Thanks to Affinity & AcuSoft, I'm in the best possible position to weather this storm.

More importantly, thanks to revenue stability, I can plan to continue to treat patients for years to come."

- Dr. Gene Healy, Root Healing Wellness



During COVID-19, we are doing all we can to support our beloved front lines in the fight against illness. Until we are clear of this crisis, we are waiving our usual $500 setup fee and only charging $299/mo for unlimited users on our cloud software.

Terms apply. Setup your consultation today.

Let's work together during this crisis for the betterment of all.


Eric Sherrell 

Augusta Acupuncture Clinic


Danny Rasmussen

Pinnacle Integrative Health


Gene Healy

Root Healing Wellness


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