How it Works:


The biggest difference between us and our competition is that we rely on all 3 pillars of great results: 

  1. People: Our teams are made up of certified coders, billers, and 3 levels of quality assurance, based on setting both incentives and penalties for team performance - this ensures that we are both fully aligned with our clients, but also that our teams grow with only the top performers.

  2. Process: Leaders spend their time learning and revising for the next battle. Make no mistake, getting claims paid is a battle and our leaders are the best. Our processes and decision "trees" are always being updated based on content from hundreds of sources, from CMS to the AAPC.

  3. Technology: Where most billing companies will work in any software, resulting in various levels of inconsistent performance; our teams know better. Our people and processes work best in our technology. Keep your EHR if you want (although we have an amazing one at Affinity Chiropractic Software), but our software is required for billing for 1 reason - it is the cornerstone of our incredible results.



  • AI monitors and automates claim creation and scrubbing

  • Built-In rulesets that check claims against over 3 million different rules in under 15 seconds

  • Real-time patient statements

  • Easily access, understand, and explain claim status to patients

  • Our credentialing experts help with fee schedules

  • Extensive and customizable billing reports

  • Increase revenue by ensuring that all claims, large and small, are processed

  • Achieve 3x better than the national average billing performance by A/R

  • Automate problem discovery to eliminate missed errors and ignored claims

  • Control and modulate internal costs by reporting by clinician, by payer, and over 25 different metrics

  • Unlimited support via our certified coders, billers, account managers, and support team

  • 20+ year track record of achieving 3x (or better) A/R performance vs national average


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