As a PT I know my industry is divided when it comes to software. Vericle unites us because it focuses on what helps us spend time with patients, not on software. Get up and running quickly and without hassles. I love it!"

Joe Noel, PT Tampa, FL

Patient Engagement

Secure messaging and a full patient portal that lets you stay connected- before, after and in between visits. Patients receive automated reminders for appointments, billing, and follow-up care. As well as alerts to see test results in the patient portal.

Population Health

Easily achieve the clinical and financial outcomes you need to thrive with value base care. Stay connected to the vital data you need to manage your patient population. We’ll translate it into usable information for you. Tools for the right care at the right time.

Patient Care

Better care coordination that lets you focus on better care. Our network connects the docs for simple patient care coordination—send results, track orders, and collaborate right from your workflow.


The medical reference app that displays safety, diagnostic and treatment information the moment of care. Access clinical knowledge in moments of care—drug info, diagnosis and treatment guidance, etc. Download for iPhone or Android.


Our approach to healthcare interoperability begins with a hyperconnected, national network. We make it possible to follow care across settings, with all of the relevant information you need in easy reach.

Healthcare Network

Compare population health performance to other providers' outcomes. Exchange information with over a quarter of a million points of care: specialists, urgent cares, pharmacies, labs, imaging facilities, etc.

Improved Efficiency

Clear your revenue hurdles: We'll find issues, flag them, and show you how to fix them—before they become real problems. Avoid denied claims: We find, fix, and resubmit claims for our clients—hundreds of thousands every month.


Amidst changing healthcare regulations, we can keep your organization future-proof. Our teams monitor changes to federal quality programs on your behalf.


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Workflow Management,

Billing, Patient Education, and EHR

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