Integration for Efficiency

When you’re treating multiple patients per hour, time is of the essence. Our clinical notes are pre-populated with information from the patient, chart, portal, and calendar, so you won’t spend time duplicating information but rather get your notes done faster.

Reduce Liability

Our documentation tools are built to fulfill the standards of the highest paying E/M codes. With a documentation tracker built right into the dashboard, you can keep track of the clinical notes you still need to complete, right when you sign in.

Improve Workflow

Tailored to keep your administration organized, starting with your scheduling, flowing through your clinical work, and into all aspects of billing and business reports.

Be Connected

Check, refill, and renew meds the moment you sign in right from your dashboard, the note in session, the chart afterwards, or your smartphone on the go.

Save Time

Multiple options to extensively document your psychiatric cases while reducing the inherent hassle and burden at the same time. By automatically generating narrative and leveraging your data into each note, you’ll get the job done more quickly and thoroughly than ever before.

Medical Billing

Medical billing services that cure healthcare’s inefficiencies, getting you paid more (with less effort). Claims management, workflow dashboard, appointment scheduling, patient check-in - performance reporting.

Optimize your Back Office

We provide the tools and the data for your claims to be accepted at first-pass. Automatic Charge Creation, Faster Claim Turnaround, Action reports across all practice functions, Reduce Aging & Accounts Receivable.

Set you up for Success

Sets your practice up for success in the changing landscape of behavioral health. With millions of outcomes recorded, we are on the cutting edge of value-based care. Our business intelligence metrics and reporting tools will enable you to position yourself for your future growth.


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