Medical Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

A Team That Grows With You

Tired of managing your billing staff? Are stats either going down or fluctuating inconsistently? Do excuses and stories run your meetings rather than stats and decision-making? Often coupled with our Consulting & Practice Growth program, our team successfully drives practices from low 70% collection rates (against allowed amounts) up to 90-95%! How? The majority of the power here is two-fold: "The Right Tool for the Right Job" and "Clearly Defined Processes". And no, the fanciest Aging report is NOT the right tool for maximizing insurance reimbursements, it's a review tool; just a report. Find out how we employ the right tool and processes and what that could mean for your bottom line. ROI? We take your current costs (STAFF + LOST REV) and subtract by future costs (OUR STAFF + GAINED REV). If the second number is larger than the first, we have the potential to add to your bottom line. Our motto? Our Success Is Your Success.

Healthcare Technology & Development

From Small Clinics to Hospitals - We've Seen it All

Why on earth did that software build that feature? It sounds annoying, but it happens when software engineers don't get what practice owners and their staff need. We bring our teams to the ground level so that every new feature is based on a user request and is aligned with our vision for building dream practices.

What's our CTO doing day-to-day? Well, aside from being a phenomenal trumpet player, he is one of the brightest software developers to come out of Princeton University. Together with his hand-picked and trained team, he works tirelessly for our Enterprise level clients to bring customized solutions that drive innovation, efficiency, and ROI.

Consulting & Practice Growth Strategies

Maximizing the Patient Experience

With over 50 years of combined experience, our team of certified coders, billers, and practice managers have seen it all. We are committed to the success of our clients and only succeed when you succeed. From helping small clinics get up and running, to driving efficiency at the highest level of multi-location and facility operations, our goal is to use stat-based leadership from the top down. Everything drives back to the top and bottom line and how we can drive added revenue to the practice/hospital while controlling costs to maintain and/or grow the margin of the business. It's easy to spend money on "rah-rah" - we're interested in the ROI - so go ahead, dream BIG.

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