With thousands of connections, you’ll get the patient information you need. Get a comprehensive view of patients and their care by accessing our industry-leading network of data.

Healthcare Network

Put our network intelligence–pulled from 100,000+ providers—to work for you. See clinical recommendations based on patients' other activity on the network.

I've been through more systems than I care to say in my tenure and none of them have the power Vericle does. Not only have they built us our own white-labeled software that we offer to our clients, but it also comes with our unique approach to building multi-million dollar practices.” 

Steven Peyroux, DC

Atlanta, GA

Enhanced Workflow

With expert back-office teams and automation, we take on your administrative work—at speed, at scale, and more efficiently than any one organization possibly could—so you can focus on the higher-value work you went into healthcare to do.


You can hand over the attestation process to us; we anticipate healthcare industry change on the horizon, and propose the best measures for each client. And because updates can be pushed out across the network overnight, you’ll always be prepared.

Cost < Value

Our integrated suite of services, your cost is based on a percent of collections. Every organization has unique goals, so we tailor our approach to meet them. Understanding your specific needs lets us reduce your healthcare costs and offer a customized quote.

Client Support

With us, you don't get a software vendor, you get a business partner. Our aligned incentives mean we strive to get you paid every dollar—and help you avoid penalties. And we're by your side for every twist and turn on the path.

E-Health Records

An EHR that lets you focus on delivering care. Get convenient access clinical information from disparate sources in minutes, and use secure text messaging to easily make more informed care decisions.

Claims Management

Medical bill services that get you paid faster. Our  automatically updated rules engine lets us catch claims errors before they’re made, resulting in a 95% first-pass resolution rate.


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Workflow Management,

Billing, Patient Education, and EHR

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