Automate... Everything!

Maximizing the Patient Experience

Tired of post-it notes, lost emails, missed phone calls, and overall frustration between patients, staff, and management? Vericle is designed to eliminate this entirely by not only automating every single task and assigning it by department or staff member, but even opens tasks based on events, so you don't even have to remember Day 0, Day 1, Day 2 visits and beyond!

The xDOC Breakthrough!

Templates That Grow With You

Everyone else wants to make bells and whistles that reduce how much you hate spending time documenting visits. Our focus is on spending less time on software and more time caring for your patients. Less than 5 seconds on your daily notes. GUARANTEED.

From Single to Multi-Disciplinary

From Small Clinics to Hospitals - We've Seen it All

Why on earth did that software build that feature? It sounds annoying, but it happens when software engineers don't get what practice owners and their staff need. We bring our teams to the ground level so that every new feature is based on a user request and is aligned with our vision for building dream practices.

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